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Legal advisors always say that it is beneficial to review your estate planning status when certain life stages are reached:

-       When you marry, or if you get divorced

-       If children or grandchildren are born

-       If there is a significant change in your assets or income

-       If you change country

-       If you have a change of heart in relation to benefiting someone under your will

-       If there are changes in the law that may impact your succession

This need for revision is even more true, in view of the current pandemic. And although most of us are struggling to juggle working remotely, homeschooling, running a household and helping friends and relatives, now is the time to stop and take stock and review what we have in place, to ensure we have the necessary peace of mind to function normally in these unprecedented times.

Will, living wills and powers of attorney

As part of your review, you should examine your current wills to ensure that they provide for all your assets, wherever they are situated; that you have made a valid choice of law that you would like to apply to your succession, where applicable; that you have appointed guardians for any minor children; and finally that your wills are all in synch and do not inadvertently revoke each other.

It might also be an idea to put a living will in place and leave the health care directives that you would like to see applied, should something befall you.

You might also wish to have a power of attorney in place to ensure that, if you are, for any reason, incapable of managing your affairs, someone can step in and assist, ensuring that your affairs can continue to be conducted as normal. In addition, you should look at your bank accounts and see if it is necessary to add on authorized signatories who are able to make payments, should you be unable to.

Finding calm in the middle of a storm

As we are slowly unwinding from our various forms of lockdown and Notaries are starting to operate again, now is an ideal time to see if anything needs to be corrected or updated, before the normal (or as normal as possible) hustle-bustle of everyday life resumes. You can then rest assured that your affairs are taken care of, and that your loved ones will be taken care of in the future.

How can we help?

At TPA, we will be happy to assist you in going through your current wills and advising you on any changes we deem necessary. If you are unable to travel due to the pandemic, we can work with your local legal advisors to ensure temporary measures are in place in your local will, to cover your assets in Portugal, in a way that will protect your interests and those of your loved ones.

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