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At TPA we have vast experience in Succession Law, privileging preventive law, always advising our clients, especially those with an international connection, to make a will.

In light of the European Succession Regulation, which currently makes it possible to choose the law applicable to a person’s succession, the need to grant a will is more pressing than ever. A will is also an excellent tax planning instrument, and an instrument to avoid future problems that may exist with the administration of an inheritance.

TPA's lawyers have dual qualifications (Portuguese Lawyers / English Solicitors) and extensive experience, which allows them to draft the will in such a way so as to take into account other wills that the client may have in foreign jurisdictions, in order to complement each other.

One of the important aspects in this area of ​​wills that is currently assuming increasing relevance and interest by customers, is the living or healthcare will. Also in this matter, TPA is prepared to fully respond to the needs of its clients.

The administration of an estate is a sensitive and delicate area, and TPA strives to resolve all the formalities inherent to the succession process in a committed and diligent manner, from the simplest to the most complex, both for national and foreign citizens.

In view of the existence of differences between heirs, we are present to provide advice to our clients, always with the aim of reaching a  solution that serves everyone’s interests.  

Services provided:

  • Drafting wills and accompanying the clients to the notary office;
  • Succession tax advice;
  • Living wills;
  • Deed of Entitlement of Heirs;
  • Submitting tax forms (Stamp Duty Model 1);
  • Obtaining death certificates;
  • Contacts with authorities, banks and public departments;
  • Advising the executor on rights and responsibilities;
  • Inventory proceedings;
  • Enforcing promissory contracts for the division of joint assets;
  • Deeds of division of joint assets;
  • Judicial requests for removal of executor;
  • Proceedings for rendering of accounts;
  • Administration of national and international estates;
  • Obtaining a European Certificate of Succession.
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