Areas of Law

Family and Children

Family and Children

At TPA, the team specialized in Family Law offers expert advice on all aspects related to family matters: marriage, divorce, adoption, parental responsibilities and related issues.

We privilege a close and continuous relationship with our clients, so we are available to accompany every legal issue that arises in the different stages of life.

With our double qualification (Portuguese lawyers / English solicitors) our team at TPA can also intervene in situations that have an international element.

TPA has an ethical and professional approach to these matters and is sensitive to the individual needs of the client in matters of such a delicate nature.

Services provided:

  • Prenuptial agreements;
  • Cohabitation Contracts;
  • Preparation of marriage processes;
  • Accompanying adoption proceedings;
  • Advice on proceedings for the protection of children and young people in danger;
  • Separation proceedings (of assets or people and assets);
  • Divorce (with and without mutual consent), including proceedings with an international element;
  • Appointment of guardians for minor children;
  • Regulation of parental responsibilities;
  • International abduction of minors;
  • Legal support in situations of common law spouses;
  • Drafting legal opinions.

International Divorce

In the context of the growing phenomenon of globalization, together with the freedom of movement and establishment that the citizens of the European Union enjoy, more and more situations arise in which families are made up of elements of different nationalities. In this sense, when the end of a marriage between people of different nationalities becomes inevitable, the respective divorce involves aspects of extreme complexity.

At TPA, we have a team with extensive knowledge of European and international law, in matters of jurisdiction and law applicable to divorces.

We also have the advantage of providing legal advice within the scope of our dual qualifications as Portuguese lawyers and English Solicitors, and when necessary, we are available to work in coordination with partners in the United Kingdom.

We are therefore prepared to deal with all issues surrounding international divorce, whether in the area of ​​sharing/dividing the couple's assets, or in terms of the regulation and exercise of parental responsibilities.

Legal Opinion

Given our double qualification as Portuguese lawyers and English Solicitors, our team is qualified to issue opinions on various matters in the field of Family and Children’s Law, intended for use in the United Kingdom.

We also have the facility to coordinate with partners in the United Kingdom in issuing opinions of UK law, which need to be used in Portugal.

Services provided:

  • Marriage - personal and patrimonial aspects;
  • Divorce - personal and patrimonial aspects;
  • Regulation of parental responsibilities;
  • Measures to promote and protect children and young people in danger;
  • Issuing certificates of law from the UK on various matters intended for use in Portugal.

Protection of Vulnerable Adults

TPA is aware of the importance of the population that is in a particularly vulnerable position, either due to old age, or due to motor or cognitive disability. For this reason, these clients require special attention and care and the TPA team is proud to provide a specialized legal service geared to the needs of these clients and their families.

In addition to identifying the specific needs of each client, TPA can also provide assistance to identify support solutions in homes or specialized institutions.

Services provided:

  • Estate planning;
  • Preparation of wills;
  • Healthcare wills;
  • Drafting a notarial document of preventive appointment of tutors for minors and/or incapacitated adults;
  • Assistance in managing clients' tax and financial matters;
  • Proceedings at family courts to appoint tutors;
  • Requests for judicial authorization for a minor or incapacitated adult;
  • Support for homes or specialized institutions;
  • Advice on legal benefits and/or social support;
  • Testamentary services.
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