Areas of Law

Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

At TPA, we are prepared to intervene in disputes of any nature that may affect our clients' business, from contract law to employment law and even corporate law.

The goal of TPA team is to ensure that its clients can deal with any conflict quickly, consistently and effectively, so that all possible ways of resolving any disputes are always considered.

At TPA, we give preference to preventive law, which ensures the peace of mind of our clients. However, it is not always possible to avoid litigation, and so we have an experienced team to deal with disputes in different matters which our clients must face, with attention to detail and professionalism.

We offer our clients the possibility of mediating conflicts with the opposing party, as well as the use of alternative dispute resolution methods. However, and whenever necessary, we ensure the defense of our clients' rights at the courts of justice with the necessary diligence that these proceedings require.

Services provided:

  • Pre-contractual and contractual liability;
  • Specific performance of obligations under contracts;
  • Issues related to the acquisition, encumbrance and/or sale of real estate;
  • Litigation related to Lease Law;
  • Proceedings for damages under Civil Law;
  • Litigation related to condominium matters;
  • Conflicts related to Consumer Law;
  • Employment proceedings;
  • Administrative litigation;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Civil, criminal and/or administrative offense liability;
  • Challenge and/or suspension of corporate resolutions;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Proceedings for the recovery of companies;
  • Insolvency and company recovery proceedings;
  • Personal bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Divorce and/or separation proceedings;
  • Regulation of parental responsibilities;
  • Proceedings related to inheritance, sharing and division of assets.

Debt Recovery

At TPA we provide a debt recovery service that includes all legal means to exercise the respective rights. Thus, in a first stage, we focus on voluntary payment, advancing to the executive stages of seizure and sale of debtors' assets when necessary, to ensure the reimbursement of creditors.

At all times, we never lose sight of the fact that it is in our client’s interest to conslude these proceedings swiftly and our priority is always to ensure that any payment agreements entered into with debtors provide adequate and sufficient guarantee to our clients.

Services provided:

  • Extrajudicial notice for payment;
  • Injunction proceedings;
  • European injunction proceedings;
  • Accompanying special proceedings to fulfill contractual obligations;
  • Enforcement proceedings;
  • Response to requests for opposition to enforcement and/or seizures;
  • Credit claims in the scope of enforcement proceedings;
  • Asset allocation orders.

Legal opinions

Given the dual qualification of professionals in our team as English Solicitors, we are qualified to issue opinions on various matters of civil liability, intended to be presented in the United Kingdom.

We collaborate with partners in the United Kingdom regarding opinions on UK law, which need to be used in Portugal.

Services provided:

  • Amount of compensation;
  • Issues of civil liability;
  • Applicability of legislation on package travel and related services.


TPA provides legal advice to companies that are in a difficult economic situation, with the main objective of acting quickly so that, when possible, the survival and recovery of companies is assured.

In this sense, our team informs our clients of the extrajudicial means of support to companies that is available, such as restructuring programs and/or the Special Revitalization Process. If insolvency is inevitable, TPA will accompany all phases of the judicial process.

TPA also represents creditors who hold credits against companies in financial difficulties, in order to safeguard the best possible debt recovery.

Services provided:

  • Restructuring procedures;
  • Special Revitalization Process;
  • Insolvency proceedings;
  • Third party insolvency application;
  • Credit claim;
  • Incidents of subsequent credit verification;
  • Challenge of the list of recognized credits;
  • Representation at creditors' meetings;
  • Intermediation with Judicial Administrators and/or Insolvency Administrators, as well as with Creditors' Commissions;
  • Protection of creditors' rights and respective debt recovery. 

Personal Bankruptcy 

At TPA, our team is prepared to assist our private clients, even when it becomes necessary to make the difficult decision of filing for bankruptcy.

In the case of clients engaged in business, we also take into consideration extrajudicial means of support, such as restructuring programs and/or the Special Revitalization Process (PER). If filing for bankruptcy becomes inevitable, TPA will monitor all stages of the judicial process.

TPA can also represent private creditors that hold credits against individuals declared bankrupt, in order to safeguard the best possible debt recovery.

Services provided:

  • Request to commence Special Revitalization Proceedings (when applicable);
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Intermediation with Insolvency Administrators and with creditors;
  • Request for exemption from remaining liabilities;
  • Monitoring of the assignment period;
  • Credit claims;
  • Incidents of further verification of credits;
  • Representation at creditors' meetings.
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